​​Super Z Aussies
​DUE April 30, 2018

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​​Super Z Aussies is excited to be expecting our first ever AUSSIEDOODLE litter. Koda and GiGi are a great cross. Both have amazing personalities and are great family dogs. GiGi is very outgoing, happy, and energetic. Koda is protective, obedient, and loves to snuggle his boys. These will be the perfect family dogs as well as being hypoallergenic. ​​
We can't wait to see our AUSSIEDOODLES!

                 Super Z Aussies sends our puppies to their forever
                homes with the following puppy package:
                                             - Vaccination Record Folder
                                      - Sample bag of puppy food
                                      - Matching leash and collar
                                      - Puppy blanket 
                                      - Chew Toy
​​ Secure your Super Z Aussiedoodle puppy & put in a deposit today!

​               -​ Aussiedoodle pricing:
                                       Solids- $900
​                                       Merles- $1200
​                                       (blue eyes will be more)
                       - $200 non-refundable deposit
​               -​First deposit gets first litter pick​​

​                      First Pick- Weiss Family
                      Second Pick- AVAILABLE
                      Third Pick- AVAILABLE     

​            ​​